Wowzer – Sri Lanka 1 2016…

Wowzer – Sri Lanka 1 2016…
25th July 2016 C&K
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2Andre1Wowzer, Sri Lanka 2016 Ep 1….
Crikey, after a wee glitch last year Sri Lanka was back to it’s barn storming, booby blowing best this year, 3 colossal weeks of pure kite surf extravaganza!!! We kicked off week one with an eclectic mix, Italians from Dubai – “Gelato”, Spanish from Switzerland, sort of German Canadians from the US, Portuguese and ‘Merican from Baku and a German from Madagascar. To be fair we had a Swiss and American from their respective countries too, so that kept the world spinning. On the water we had Danielle cracking the air, Tanja finding the front loop way too easy, Gabi nailing the dark slide, blind and 1 foot, Andrea dark slide, one foot and pretty much anything smooth, Corina controlled her Air Gybes, Gian left the water intentionally, and came back down comfortably (and the under turn), Andre nailed the back loops, cheeky grabs and BLTs, Jeremy kinged out the boner, some massive back loops and some solid air, whilst Kirk nailed the blind, double backs, cheeky grabs, and downlooped his Air Gybes. If this wasn’t enough the group encouragement, mutual love and constant laughter was contagious. Oh yes and Foxy was made to walk (not sure how she felt about that) -The Foxy Programme, which benefited some of us too:)

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