How We Coach

If you want to improve, there are ways to make it easier and that’s where we come in.

Coaching requires skills that you don’t acquire as a rider.

How someone stomps a trick has little relevance to the process of learning it.

We see more and more people confused by today’s extensively available content, much of it misleading, encouraging bad habits and complicating things further.

Christian & Karine will guide you through a step by step approach, focusing on the required fundamentals to give you all the vital ingredients.

CKP methodology – We strip back to the bare essentials, giving you a clear pathway to progress.

We all stand differently, move differently, think differently and learn differently.

However there must be a starting point, common techniques and skills which provide you with a solid base and reference point.

In bite size chunks anything is achievable, increasing confidence and understanding so that the next step is just that.

Doors will open and the possibilities become endless.

IT’S NOT THE JUST THE HOW BUT ALSO THE WHY. The why makes a massive difference in the way you learn.

We believe that coaching is about guidance.

Thanks to our experience and expertise, we are able to pinpoint exactly what you need to work on, both strengths and weaknesses, regardless of what skill you’re focused on and what stage you’re at on your kitesurfing journey.

We will introduce you to our vocabulary and CK language, giving you easily remembered code phrases, which you can use as triggers and checklists on the water.

Taking the timing out of kitesurfing, that’s what coaching is!!!

The beauty of kitesurfing is that everything is connected.

A step by step programme, working on independent skills, setting them into muscle memory, appreciating why they are necessary and finally joining the dots.

We make sure that you get plenty of water time with big chunks of coaching so that you can pace yourself.

The idea is not to destroy yourself by spending every single hour on the water (the mind will struggle even if the body doesn’t). You’ll have time for brakes, to rethink and refuel, or just enjoy the moment.

After all, it is your holiday.

Our Passion is Your Improvement