• Oct152023

    How To Switch Feet Wingfoil

    Our latest wing foil tech from Tonic Mag! Perhaps a cheeky foot switch, swop, change! Read the…

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  • Oct082023

    Learning to Loop #1 – Body Drag Under-turn & Slide Turn Download Transition

    Also in the magical 100th Edition of IKSURFMAG is part one of our all things loop series,…

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  • Oct042023

    IKSURFMAG The big 100!

    If you haven’t seen it yet, the big centenary issue of IKSURFMAG is out! Along with our…

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  • Sep052023

    Red Sea Boat Safari

      It’s tricky to put the boat trip into words. We think that our first one was…

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  • Aug172023

    How to Wing Foil Toe Side

    Our latest wing tech from TONICMAG This episode we delve into the world of Toe Side. Having…

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  • Jul282023

    Back to Sri Lanka

      Wow, and we don’t mean it lightly! Sri Lanka was a long time coming, taken 5…

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  • Jun272023

    Dakhla 2

    What do you get if you put 2 retired firemen, a smooth panther, a boat salesman, half…

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  • May262023

    Dakhla Kite 1

    2023 is really cooking up the goods on the wind front. Another epic week in Dakhla for…

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  • May102023

    Cabo Verde 2023

    There aren’t many better ways to spend a week in March than gliding over the turquoise waters…

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  • Apr292023

    Dakhla Wing Clinic

    One word – Magic Whether it was the group, Dakhla or the utter bliss of Winging we’ll…

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