• I’ve been on 4 clinics and just booked my fifth! Why do I keep coming back…..

    The coaching, the people, the spots, the kiting.  I learn more in a week than I do all year but really it’s the people and the fun, its hard work but I smile all week I’m there and for months afterwards with the memories.   Its awesome!

    Kevin M
    Kevin MDakhla 2019
  • Some six years ago having just turned 50, I decided get into kite surfing. Coming from a windsurf fetish this was going to be easy, but it wasn’t. 

    Looking back, it is clear, some of the best experiences have been CK’s clinics. I’m grateful to Christian and Karine, their knowledge, detailed care in choice of location, organisation and always convivial approach is something hard to find.

    The work they put in to capturing, editing video, ready to skilfully feedback after sessions, is really quite extraordinary. On reflection, it is why the coaching value has been so unique and so high.

    So thank you CK, for giving my kitesurf journey just the progress boosts needed, as well as great times and many new friends along the way. Cu Soon.

    Andy P
    Andy PCape Verde 2019
  • I just wanted to thank you for another magical week.

    I feel I am on the cusp of a major breakthrough with my kiting thanks to your guidance, and that is very exciting. However, it is not just your expert and patient teaching but also the effort you take with dealing with all the different abilities, cultures and personalities, and making everybody feel so welcome and included that makes the week so special. No wonder the CK weeks are so sought after, with much repeat business.

    Well done and thank you.

    T.WDakhla 2019
  • Just wanted to say that having started off at the beginning with rather conservative expectations I was super impressed by the way you both handled the variations of personality, expertise and rates of learning.

    I’ve left you with a really clear set of things to work on and having attempted a few things I never expected to! I enjoyed every session, even when they went not so well, you have a fine system to pick people up and getting them focusing on solving the problems and with a bit of application you can immediately feel results! So a massive thank you from me, kite coaching with a bit of life coaching thrown in, what more could anyone ask for!!

    M.EBrazil 2018
  • My 2 daughters had got to the stage of being independent kiters, but needed help in getting to the next level of showing off with jumps and tricks.

    C&K’s experienced teaching kept the girls’ focus on the key technical elements to progress rapidly with confidence, safety and enjoyment. The week was not only a big step forward for their skills and Instagram pics, but also a brilliant holiday as off the water it was non stop fun with the group.

    J.LSA 2018
  • What can I say guys, exceeding expectations once again.

    If Carlsberg did kite surfing clinics…

    A.CCape Verde 2019

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