Meet the Team

Christian & Karine started CKPerformance Clinics in 2003 to share their love of learning and their absolute belief in Coaching. Mixing their subtle blend of coaching experience, teaching knowledge, along with the obvious male/female differences and a formidable Anglo-Franco alliance.

Their reputation as innovative and motivating kite coaches has grown meteorically since then, and they are now firmly established at the forefront of all things coaching.

They offer their guests a truly unique style and complete method of learning and improving during their clinics throughout the year at various windy spots around the globe. These prove to be a popular mix of energy, enthusiasm, knowledge, coaching, progression and fun.

Christian Harris

Founder, Owner & Coach

Christian has been involved in coaching, some way or another since his early teens. Respected as an ambassador within kitesurfing and water sports, he has coached thousands of students, from professional windsurfers, aspiring youth kiters, total beginners and everything in between. As such he is one of the most experienced and respected kitesurf coaches, with a talent for being a thinker, motivator, pioneer and listener with exceptional teaching and coaching skills. He’s also the absolute font of knowledge on all things kitesurf.

Christian has loved the water since he was old enough to sink, and from that very early age he believed that he’d grow up to be a surfer. This proved to be problematic and would be no mean feat for a young boy living on a farm in central England, better geographically suited to moto–cross and field sports. Waterskiing and wobbling around on a windsurf in gravel pits was hardly the North Shore and achieving his dream was not the simplest of progressions via the rugby field and advertising. However, having accumulated many years windsurfing and coaching, the excitement of learning “the” new sport prevailed, and thus his passion for kiting was born. Through kiting Christian has continued and furthered both his ability on the water and his love of coaching, which started over 30 years ago.


Karine Nativel

Founder, Owner & Coach

Karine is and has always been active, inquisitive and extremely hard working. Her knowledge of all things learning and total understanding of the ins and outs of pedagogy leads her to challenge established ideas and constantly evolve coaching methods. Karine was responsible for writing the original British Youth Kitesurfing syllabus for aspiring young freestylers. As well as being one of the leading female kitesurfers in the UK, she is an extremely talented and energising coach with an outstanding reputation for communication and team work. She’s athletic and highly respected on the water with a true passion for learning and developing kitesurfing techniques. A huge motivator for all kitesurfers.

Karine’s passion for board-sports ignited from snowboarding during her teenage years. As she blossomed in water, her motivation to give all eventually lead to her teaching French and satisfying her love of windsurfing in numerous interesting places around the globe. Never one to sit still in the sun, a chance encounter in the warm waters of Margarita introduced Karine to the thrills and excitement of kitesurfing.


Our Passion is Your Improvement