Our Coaching Tools

Eagle Eye

Our ability to pinpoint and communicate all the details allows us to set you on the right path.

Sharpened over a lifetime of coaching experience !

Interactive Theory and Simulation

In our sessions on CK’ssentials we delve into the why as well as the how. Understanding your equipment, building muscle memory, breaking moves down into key points, with specific phrases, triggers and checklists which can then be easily recalled for use on the water.

On Water Coaching

Communication, guidance, motivation, discovery – at your own pace.

We believe that small understandable chunks will reinforce the theory. Working through the process without an overload of information. Reinforcement of the key points learnt on land, with repetition, consolidation, demonstration where necessary and feedback.

On advanced coaching clinics we don’t use radio headsets. You’re in command, we let you think, absorb the coaching and guide you through the discovery time. Our locations are chosen so that we can communicate freely.

Video Coaching – why it’s so important?

An absolute must, as the saying goes “the camera never lies”. It highlights the grey area between what you think you’re doing and what you’re actually doing.

It is the simplest way to see the separate parts of any move and why it does or doesn’t work.

The video can also be a great motivator, encouraging you to focus and commit.

In kitesurfing there are many small details which are vital, but can’t be seen in real time.

With the video we make sure not to miss them. During video feedback sessions we pinpoint what’s missing, what’s needed and what should change.

It positively benefits visualisation.

Our Passion is Your Improvement