A Week in South Africa 2013

A Week in South Africa 2013
20th February 2013 C&K
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South Africa CKperformance Clinic 2013 – another exceptional week of wind, fun and games. There must have been one hell of a collection of good karma amongst the group because we were treated to non stop pumping conditions. Forget the energy drink which can’t be named King of the Air, we had our very own CKPerformance Chair of Air, and what a show it was:)

As usual off the water activities can be summed up in two words, STEAK _ WINE, oh yes and Malva Pudding! With the prospect of kiting each day the wine was enjoyed, compared, admired but ultimately respected. However there was a collective disposition concerning the regular over indulgence of fillet steak with many of the chaps succumbing to the call of a 500g fillet of an evening to prepare the flagging muscles for the next onslaught of mega wind. We recall once watching Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall championing the ultimate tender test, will it cut with the back of your knife – oh yes the cutlery serrations are completely superfluous over there. We can also reveal that a certain vegetarian who will remain nameless became so tired of our constant beef praise that she threw in the towel, jumped off the wagon and got involved.

The days followed a familiar routine of morning at the beach, ladies lunchtime sessions at the lagoon and then a convivial afternoon to sunset sesh. This year we had the pleasure of some home grown talent in the group, with Mike, Timo and Dylan (and their roady Raymond). As a result we felt even more welcome and at home, learnt the odd phrase of Afrikaans (was like the Waltons at night with the ring of Lekker Slaap around Friday Island as the lights went out), and received a masterclass on how to Braai.

So what went down on the water? Well apart from the chorus of “whoop whoop”, as we hinted earlier there was considerable effort placed on height and both Ben and Timo deserve special mention here, with some proper big’uns, the ones that make you scream, so gents we salute you. And yes your regular kite loop offs are now something of legend. On the subject of kiteloops we should bring Miguel into the frame, with what will most likely be the biggest ever back loop kite loop that we’ll see on a clinic – respect! Luis in his usual laid back style did delight with some whopping double back loops to compliment his BLTs and the oh so nearly surfboard tack, whilst Ian got comfy in his plush chair of air, more often than not with a cheeky, long held grab before casually moving onto the blissful art form that is the front loop. Liz for her part was also reaching for the skies with big boy height, cracking fronts and what about those raleys – and new toys too! At the other end of the scale was Dylan – it’s all about the boots. His enthusiasm for blind and wrapped, Oles and anything that could lead to a possible pass was only occasionally dented by the brutal eyes still open boot beatings – but hey the chicks ‘ll dig it. The lunchtime ladies club was the real deal of initiation into the kitesurf club with both Gu and Victoria establishing themselves as bona fide kitegirls. Gu’s easy upwind and delightful love the bar stance was a pleasure to behold and Victoria’s slide turns were things of great beauty.

Once again SA served up the goods, a perfect blend of wind, fun, food and good times. We’ve penciled next year into the diary already.

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