And then there was week 2..

And then there was week 2..
10th October 2011 C&K
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Crikey what an eventful week both on and off the water!

On the water there was just so much happening. Emily is within a cat’s whisker of her Raley 2 Blind, and if her hands had held up would have claimed it, must have been all those back loop kiteloops. Ross was throwing down pops to blind with the surface passes all over the bay with reckless abandon. Nick was Mr Kiteloop, with a frenzy of kiteloops and downloops at any given opportunity. Ben claimed the chair of air with some serious height, and then stuck the glacier cherry on top by adding some “nauseas” kiteloops to them – respect. Miguelito was having it with some huge double rotations and those raleys are in the post. Geezer proved that the only way to front loop is H_I_G_H. Rich W. nailed the jump and hammered the underturns. Mark tamed his beast in the air, aquired the most stylish of toesides and underturns. Richie was SCC, style, consolidation and control – landings from up there softened and those front loop transitions were to die for. Andy was also letting rip with some lovely kiteloops, the most stylish of grabs on his rotations and that front loop transition too. And Serge, delicious fronts, backs and what about that blind, must be in your DNA!

Off the water the inspired Egyptian night with the new CKPerformance Cabrinha Tops had the rest of the hotel in awe. And the first and last Smurf fancy dress night was with hindsight not our best call! However the huge pod of dolphins on one of our afternoon snorkels was incredible and fortuitously captured on video.

Well done the lot of you, awesome stuff.