Brazil 2

Brazil 2
11th December 2015 C&K
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The final fortnight of clinics continued at the same frenetic pace, on and off the water, eh Esse! Lucas’ bar often = stella evenings, those Brazilerinas don’t let you down – but don’t mess with the cartel (who would believe that Pablo is hidden in the depths of Germany posing as a Dr??) Fancy dress turnout was once again unreal, Andi & Magnus taking honours there, but we’ll never forget Lognus’ rendition of the Jungle Book in Swedish, worthy of a Perrier Award. We even managed a cheeky Picanha in Parnaiba. Anyways back on the water it was non stop. Simon furthered his strapless education, from the hefty downwinder, to subtle changes in foot and weight position, great upwind technique in the chop and silky smooth carves, linking and foot changes. Riedroni kept us all entertained with his constant show, from Jesus Walks, no footers, Darkslides to the inimitable Dutch Tea Pot – all with a hefty dose of big air. Lotte showed some serious big air, snuck a few cheeky grabs in and walked us through the makings of a perfect back loop:) Magnus nailed some beautiful and large nose grabs and managed to tame down his rally pop enough to stick the blind. Andi with an I gave the term boner a new meaning, beautiful airs and some incredible front loops. Probably wipe out(s) of the weeks too… Lisa got some good airs, added the boners and the front loop and went on the Darkslide hunt. Pablo, sorry Tobi, was the epitome of style, grabbing everything, down looping everything, getting very, very high and some peachy BLT hand washes, along with the strapless duck tack. Matt and Miguel, aka the minions, chatty and grumpy, 118 – it was raley-tastic. Matt found some tremendous flick and Miguellito was unhooking with some power and then some, even with a wedgey. Off the water they kept us entertained for hours and we look forward to them getting their very own reality tv show sometime soon. Andy with a Y, also known as Dr Smooth was just that, controlled and stylish, any move as long as it looks good, with the addition of those inverted back loops to boot. Gu’s first chance at having some solid time on the water and didn’t it show. Bigger airs, solid grabs but heck that all pales when compared to the brilliant back loops. Jacksao was still with us, making merry with a plethora of trickery, including great F16s, lovely Darkslides, more hefty kite loops and BLKiteloops, some moon inspired air gybes and more. Luis demonstrated perfection on his back loop hand washes, the Darkslides were looking longer, the rotations slower, the blind, well blinding and his piece de la resistance, also claiming the duck tack, before having to retire to the sidelines:(. It really was another packed trip, full of fun and games, so thanks to all of you for making it what it was.

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