Dakhla 1 – Girl Power, Boy Style

Dakhla 1 – Girl Power, Boy Style
7th May 2015 C&K
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Going to Dakhla never gets old, and this year as usual delivered by the truck load. On the clinic side the ladies weren’t holding back, Darcy, Isabel and Julia getting comfy and then cracking out the airs, Anna going large, grabs and all (with and without coffee). Badger showed us some masterful strapless and rather large twin tip jumping even with one foot, Dave got booted and truly unhinged on his s-bends et al, Ben polished the raleys and dabbled (shortly) with a foil, Marcel threw himself into a plethora of beautiful moves from 1 foot forward to Hand Wash BLTs, Guy’s Raleys returned along with some tasty wake style morcels and big air. Off the water it was as convivial as only Dakhla can be, both Karim and Abdul kept us hydrated at the bars, we were soothed at the spa, the oysters farm was truly amazing, the team looked after us brilliantly and the white Dune was as glorious as ever. Here’s to 2016….

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