How many Metallicos can you fit in an action shot? Brazil 2019

How many Metallicos can you fit in an action shot? Brazil 2019
5th November 2019 C&K
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Our annual Paraguay private up in the wilds of Piaui never disappoints. A couple of the founding members have been with us almost since the inception of CKPerformance, so there’s a lot of history. The eclectic Portignol/Spanglish video debriefs, calm mornings which morph into energetic, then heavy metal afternoons and full power evening Picos. Forget hasta la vista, this is manteiga a techo baby!

No great surprise that the wind was absolutely on, resulting in a mind boggling assortment of thrills, spills and yes even some belly aches. Laughter and wipe-outs a plenty filled the cracks between killer moves and endless motivation. We had it all from Jorge Bush, monstrous downloops, terrifying kiteloops, huge amounts of style, to plenty of contact, the cheekiest of grabs, some of the best roosters in the business, majestic long darkslides, raleys to blind, boners and rotations, major washing of hands and even scare crows!

Add to this some devilishly synchronised moves, the infamous patio, welcome fruits, a spontaneous Formula Burro world championship and you have an action packed, non stop festival of frivolity.

And it was all captured on video, so it did happen…..