Brazil – A Month of Clinics

Brazil – A Month of Clinics
14th January 2013 C&K
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November = Brazil!

The fond memories linger of Brazil and everything that is wonderful about it. Admittedly this year lacked the strength of wind that we’re accustomed to but none the less what a great 4 weeks of clinics.

The wind was there, just a tad lighter, so there was still a ridiculous amount of time and effort put in on the water. Our new HQ rocked, and as always Valber, Joao, Leo and Zac at the club looked after us and made us welcome.

It was definitely a year for girls with the men sometimes being outnumbered by the fairer (?) sex, and also a revelation for many on the joys of surfboards. The conditions didn’t disappoint with a generous serving of both flat water and waves on the sand bar.

November kicked of in style with the 2 weekers. Our expansive new HQ had hammoks, bean bags, sofas, solid lylos and loungers aplenty, so relaxing and catching a cheeky siesta in between sessions or after an invigorating lunch of Acai was never an issue. Breakfast was always a plentiful mix of fruits, coffee and yes the cake. Junior often did us proud with his evening meals and BBQs, Rob’s sly purchase of the lobsters from who else but the fruit and veg man (!) was much appreciated, and as for the baby beef. Oh yes and the pitchers of Caipis, Ouro of course.

It would be easy enough to go on about the diversions but let’s not forget the kiting. James, Jane, Rowan, Simon, Sophie, Henry and Raf could not be accused of slacking on the surfboard front (nor in many cases the twin tip) with some bona fide slashing as well as cheeky transitions, and who’ll forget the downwind adventure:) On the twin tip side it was action packed too, Dagamara (thanks for being such a good sport) was spinning this way and that and got an addictive taste for the surfboard too. Bridget showed us how to mix kiting with holiday and yoga, a lesson in getting the best of everything in a 2 week break – great skills. Rob not only got his jumping consistent, but got the air gybes going, and shared his exotic food knowledge, educating us along the way. James’s was getting good air and lovely carves, Sophie’s Raleys…, Jane’s front loops and air gypes and Raf pondering the Raley to blind.

Once that rabble left we welcomed the next motley crew. The high energy, go for it and bon hommie continued with a competitive flair. Kevin as usual proved us wrong and demonstrated that it is possible to kite all day long (we mean all day long) and still progress and not get ill – oh those pops to blind with surface pass and that surfboard tack. On that note Adam styled it out too, and his now trade mark pop to blind with Ole was the envy of many a kiter, and his list of achievemnts would be too long to read:) Keith, what can we say, spectacular front loops, no mincing there, and as for your performance on fancy dress night??? Luis, huge fronts and backs when we’re wondering if there’s enough wind for you, and lovely carving too. Jen, the joy of carving and the start of a career in surf, good air, fab beach launches and don’t forget the front loop. Dave looking great in your FMH, supplied tea to the masses and claimed an awful lot too, props for wipeout of the month, great Raleys and BLKLs. Ian, groovy jumping, got up there nice and high indeed, carving underturns were special too. Matt as ever produced some Gucci kiteloops, was oh so close to that flat 3 and shifty to wrapped and managed to escape the slobbering clutches of Fingy each day. Rich, another revelation on consolidation, jumps went large and controlled, and then the front loop arrived just like that, along with those Raleys. Rolling on we were joined by James, got into the air, loved the air gybe and made the underturn his own. While Vicky went from a couple of lessons to upwind queen and joined the kitesurfing club, brilliant.

Somewhat longwinded, so apologies but what do you expect from a month of fun in the sun, and that was the condensed version – oh Dolce de Leche on Bananas..