Windy Coaching in Weymouth

Windy Coaching in Weymouth
7th September 2011 C&K
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Just a very quick heads up to our 2nd rather spontaneous coaching session in Portland Harbour.

We’re planning to make this a fairly regular event, any weekend when the planets align we’ll be hosting a day. Its well worth the effort, there can’t be many better locations for improving your skills in the UK. The one prerequisite is that you need to be a member of the WPKSC, which cost next to nothing, and you’ll also need a harbour permit, which can be purchased daily or more long term.

For any further info on these brilliant coaching days at this brilliant spot just drop us a line.With the forecast looking good and the tides favourable we contacted WPKSC secretary Mr Randall and he worked his magic, herding cats and gathering a few hopefuls together for a day of glorious kiting and coaching, and a ride or two on some of the new Cabrinha 2012 kit! The two Marks, both sorted their stances, started to scream upwind and added slide turns into the mix. Martin happily claimed the surfboard duck tack, helped along with a healthy dose of tenacity and humour.