Brazil, Adventure Light

Brazil, Adventure Light
17th April 2023 C&K
4th Nov 2023 - 18th Nov 2023

Brazil, Adventure Light

We’re beyond excited to release our Brazil dates for this year, as we have something very different on the cards for 2023! Those Brazil regulars amongst you know that we had something up our sleeves a couple of years back, which got put on ice. Well it’s now officially happening… get ready for a touch of adventure!

We’ve got two dates:
4th to 18th November – Brazil Adventure Light 
18th Nov to 2nd December – Brazil Adventure!! 

Both of these are still very much clinics. You’ll have loads of time on the water, plenty of CK coaching, hollering from the beach and of course the trusty video camera will be whirring away. We’ll cover everything twin tip, flat water strapless skills and there’ll still be the chance to play in the waves, launch off kickers and carve some faces. This all adds up to what you’d always expect from one of our Brazil clinics, hopefully a wonderful time whilst seeing and experiencing a little bit more of Brazil’s Nordeste.

Adventure Light

Our first fortnight will start off with 4 nights at our faithful BGK, getting warmed up in the lagoon and generally enjoying everything that Barre Grande has to offer. We then take you on a little tour to two of our favourite locations. 2 nights at one that you may have visited before, and then 5 nights in another that you most definitely won’t have. Over the course of these 7 nights we’ll get a chance to mix it up with spots and conditions, whilst smelling the metaphorical roses along the way. Finally we finish off with 3 nights back at BGK. In short a 50/50 split. 7 nights in BGK, the other 7 out on an adventure.

For this trip we have more accommodation options, so it’s ideal if you fancy your own room and enjoy the comforts of Barre Grande, with a good dose of extra spice thrown in for good measure.

Both trips will have the potential for a downwinder or two, and the clinics and locations will cater for both twin tip and flat water surfboard coaching, along with the occasional possibility to hit some ramps or carve some faces.


14 nights B&B with clinic. Includes transfers between spots*

Doubles/twins from £1875 per person.

Single from £2450.

*We have included all major transfers with truck or boat to and from each location. However, these prices are subject to change if petrol goes up in Brazil.

Extras will include initial and final airport transfer from/to Fortaleza and a couple of potential day trips. All other meals, beach chariots and rescue in BGK.

To book we’ll need a £700 deposit per person. Deposit is only refundable should a replacement be found.

Any questions, drop us a line or give us a call on +44 7729 183233.

Can’t wait:) Tootles
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