Brazil – Aventura

Brazil – Aventura
13th February 2024 C&K
2nd Nov 2024 - 16th Nov 2024

Brazil - Aventura


It’s always exciting to release our Brazil dates, and after last year’s two “aventura” trips, we’re positively frothing for a return in November. So yes it’s more adventure! Starting off in Barre Grande and then moving on through three more spots. Over two weeks you’ll have ample time to totally immerse yourself in all that Brazil has to offer, from the kiting and food, through mesmerising scenery and wildlife, under the biggest sky in the most expansive of vistas. You’ll delight in flat water and good winds, explore the coastline and beyond during a couple of downwinders and even have the chance to throw some spray and bash a couple of lips in the waves. Should you have any energy left you can loose yourself in a sunset and enjoy a local tipple. The idea, you’ll have a wonderful time, whilst seeing and experiencing a little bit more of Brazil’s Nordeste.

Even though you’ll be mixing it up a bit between spots, conditions and locations, this is still very much a CKPerformanceClinics kitesurfing clinic, coaching holiday, call it what you may. The trip is organised and the locations chosen so that you’ll still be privy to as much kite coaching as on a regular clinic. Expect the usual hollering, an orchestra of whoops and wooohs, as the trusty camera whirls and the coaching is delivered. We’ll cover everything twin tip and flat water surfboard skills. You’ll also have the chance to play in the waves, launch off kickers and carve some faces. To get the most from the coaching you need to be an autonomous rider – happily riding upwind, relaunching in deep water and ready for more… 


For this first clinic we’ll be visiting 4 locations and as such multiple kite spots:) We’ll start off at BGK for 5 nights to get warmed up and primed. Barre Grande hosts some good coaching spots and of an evening an absolute plethora of restaurants. We’ll then head off on our adventure, some epic spots with a more roosty vibe!!

These trips are perfect if you’ve been coming to Brazil regularly and fancy doing it differently.



14 nights B&B with clinic. Includes transfers between spots*

Double/Twins from £2020 per person.

Limited Single Option from £2455.

*We have included all major transfers with truck or boat to and from each location. However, these prices are subject to change if petrol goes up in Brazil.

Extras will include initial and final airport transfer from/to Fortaleza (or Jeri). All other meals, beach chariots in BG, possible beach transfers and rescue.

To book we’ll need a £700 deposit per person. Deposit is only refundable should a replacement be found.

Any questions, drop us a line or give us a call on +44 7729 183233.

Can’t wait:) Tootles
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