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Whether you're fighting to find the perfect stance or a seasoned pro working on a powered pass, carving your first turn or dreaming of cheeky transitions. A day or a week, at home or abroad, indulge yourself in a truly unique clinic where Christian and Karine will devote themselves to your individual needs.

Yew, at one time this all looked to be in jeopardy, so first off thanks to you all for being so brilliant and accepting the slight changes so admirably:) Turned out to be well worth it. No wonder everyone loves Sri Lanka, yet again it was spectacular. Wind, wind and then more wind, the most mellow of vibes and probably our most amazing classroom yet, the CK roof terrace. Great food, great company and so much progress on the water, totally awesome, and even a cheeky can of Special Brew (thanks Stewy) Turns out to be a beer that you can drink warm. And yes that is Gabri starting the speedo craze with his special “ordem e progresso” numbers. Check out the pics to see the lagoon going off. And yes, if you’re wondering, Foxy was looking great:)

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Whoooohoo – what a finale. As you’ll probably gather by now mother nature continued with her blessing, the wind blew, the sun shone, the water remained flat and the tv stayed small!! A very international bunch, with some excellent saucisson, great coffee, amazing hazelnuts (who ever knew that hazelnuts can be even better), birthdays with “cake bombers” and spur of the moment outfits. Quick mention to Edoardo who had to rush off so squeezed in a trick a minute, Jeff for providing the table top for Ben’s “I ain’t no tuna” picnic with the dolphins, Yannick’s mastery of air, Jo’s facial wow after the most epic of pops, Hannah’s awesome jumps and general social secretary skills, Paul’s now familiar king of the Air-esque rocket impersonations (you know how much you loved that Switchblade:), Fredge’s phenomenal and controlled new big air game, Elsa’s toeside and sends into the world of in flight entertainment, Bettina’s unhooked raleys and let us not forget the dancing flower. And to Tom, an unexpected but wonderful surprise, for quite rightly gatecrashing the wonderful bars that only DA delivers…
All in all another amazing Spring in Dakhla, so a huge shout out to the entire crew at Dakhla Attitude including Rachid, Tanja, Max, Yassine, Hakim Mojito the best barman on the continent, Aschraf in the boat of progress and and all the rest for making our time there so very very special. Can’t wait for 2018 to do it all again xx


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Hello Class:) More essential and exciting moves for you! Our opener is the Beach Start with a Front Rotation. We spend so much time learning moves to throw down once we’re on the water, why not have a few more to bridge the gap from beach to ocean? Following that it’s a classic transition from bygone times that should have you hollering with joy and any onlookers wondering what you just nailed. Once they work it out they’ll realise that it was in fact the rather fetching Toeside Nose (or thereabouts) Grab Front Loop Transition. And finishing things off we have a positively great bit of hooked in tomfoolery. As Freestyle moves on, the connection between kite and harness seems ever less important, but let’s remind you that it’s possible to dazzle even with your Donkey’s security pin firmly in place. Time to learn that Back from Blind. Enjoy the challenge. C&K.

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All things being equal, we were definitely on an upwind trajectory with the wind. A blip of light wind was mixed with the friendly dolphins and gave BB a chance to get his seal slicing foil out. Other than that it blew, morning, noon and night, to the extent that afternoons became optional!!! The Easy jet boys and girls always seem to bring it with them. Think the gents (you know who you are) were saving some energy for happy hour at the beach bar – a truly dedicated bunch. Things were creative both on and off the water, with some outstanding uses for a Cabrinha cap and ping pong bats concerning Spring fancy dress. A super fun week – again:) AND a special mention must got to Robbie’s DIY kite roller bag…

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Things were back to normal this week, the wind was doing it’s thing as expected. The dolphins were a tad more curious and photo bombed a few of the crew. The on water displays remained dazzling, the happy hour(s) continued to delay dinner, the sun shone and a great clinic passed with aplomb. Andy stayed a bit longer than usual, Bill obviously got us all dancing and thus cracked his tack (that’s a move not a body part), Jeremy’s version of Rappers delight while suited in a star spangled set of boardies has become the stuff of Legend, as did his indy backs. Longnus have strapless nailed now, Bernadette had a couple of whopper jumps, Oksana nailed her turns, Stevey ducked, slid and flew, Dan’s nemesis of the front loop is no more, Peter found the rocket switch. And finally a little shout out to Andre, who just missed the trip due to connecting with something solid whilst mountain biking the previous bank holiday.

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Not the windiest of weeks by the unusually high standards of Dakhla, but we still got wet, had time to learn loads and show off for the camera – although perhaps a tad more theory than normal, which is never a bad thing:) Plenty of action on the water, some early sacrifices in the bar (thanks Guy), gluttony at the oyster farm and who will ever forget Tobi’s IRHMNF 138 – one hell of a graphic, we all need the t-shirt. Also big healing hugs to Lyndsey, hope you’ll be back on the water soon. Enjoy the pics, missing the speed spot and you lot already…. next time it’ll be Lac Luxembourg or Belgium’s highest point!!!

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Hopefully it’ll be a stonking weekend. So what’s cooking this issue? Well a few years back the twin tip duck tack proved immensely popular, so your first challenge for this year is to nail its stable mate the twin tip toeside duck! After that it’s time to gorge yourself on more spice with a popped grab. Keeping it British with a Sunday lunch rotation, we’ve got the popped front roll roast beef, trimmings and all. Last but not least if you like looking the Don, and have a penchant for skimming across the pond on the wrong side of your board, then surely it’s time to master the dark slide back roll. Hope you enjoy them. Cheerio C&K.

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To say we were blessed on the first week is an understatement – especially if you’d looked at the forecast. In short both WG and WF were hinting at a week of tanning with not a puff of wind in site. Turns out the group must have been carrying some heftily good Karma as we finished with 5 days out of 6. Kite beach wasn’t quite it’s usual frothing white and blue for this time of year, but it gave us enough to enjoy and progress, keeping the smiles alive, the morning soreness a guarantee and the gushing sinuses a constant. Even the 17m Contra had some good sessions, a surprising addition to the wave quiver… As such we didn’t get much on the photo front as the video and coaching were the priority:)

Cape Verde 2 continued but with more of the wavey stuff – definitely worth missing the 6 Nations for (as long as you can record it:). An amazing week packed full of waves and wind, plenty of carving and a lot of airs – get in there. Think that between them Bettina coming from SF and Matt from Aus deserved the conditions, whilst the rest of you indulged with glee. And a few surprises – will we ever forget that Umberto, with his eclectic taste, was the first to name Run the Jewels… Seems like too long ago but at least next year’s trip will be sooner.

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A view that never gets old and should be on everyone’s bucket list. And yes, it signalled what was the start of another epic clinic…


… unsurprisingly we were joined by a fine rabble, who seemed intent on having as much fun off the water as on it. To be fair this is a pretty simple task in South Africa. We get looked after so well, the hospitality is second to none, the food is to die for (even when you cook it yourself, and yes we promise that we used wood for the Braai) and of course the wine helps everything just tick along at the most leisurely of paces.There’s some wonderful wildlife too!!!


Now we couldn’t forget the on water fun could we? A fine performance (really hard to write that without a CK) from all of you, thrilling indeed. Anja and Nigel were often seen walking the pups – see pic. How on earth they think it’s a good idea to be amongst, or rather underneath you lot we’ll never know?





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Yes it’s homework time boys and girls. For the youngsters amongst you who may have enjoyed La La Land, can we recommend this move and film. Brings back memories of the rather magical and somewhat surreal Moulin Rouge. Yes the original hipster OB1 can sing. Anyway great film, fun move. From issue 60 of IKSURFMAG we give you the Can Can.

Next up from is a little something for all you strapless buffs. Way back we covered the duck tack, and this is a slight variation as we’ve modified the way we teach it thanks to all you lovely peeps that keep learning this stuff on clinics.

And finally it’s the spicy move with extra chillis. Adding as much mustard as possible follow us through the mouth tingling popped front indy to blind. If you want to add some Steeze to your repertoire this is a must have.

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