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Whether you're fighting to find the perfect stance or a seasoned pro working on a powered pass, carving your first turn or dreaming of cheeky transitions. A day or a week, at home or abroad, indulge yourself in a truly unique clinic where Christian and Karine will devote themselves to your individual needs.


A view that never gets old and should be on everyone’s bucket list. And yes, it signalled what was the start of another epic clinic…


… unsurprisingly we were joined by a fine rabble, who seemed intent on having as much fun off the water as on it. To be fair this is a pretty simple task in South Africa. We get looked after so well, the hospitality is second to none, the food is to die for (even when you cook it yourself, and yes we promise that we used wood for the Braai) and of course the wine helps everything just tick along at the most leisurely of paces.There’s some wonderful wildlife too!!!


Now we couldn’t forget the on water fun could we? A fine performance (really hard to write that without a CK) from all of you, thrilling indeed. Anja and Nigel were often seen walking the pups – see pic. How on earth they think it’s a good idea to be amongst, or rather underneath you lot we’ll never know?





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Yes it’s homework time boys and girls. For the youngsters amongst you who may have enjoyed La La Land, can we recommend this move and film. Brings back memories of the rather magical and somewhat surreal Moulin Rouge. Yes the original hipster OB1 can sing. Anyway great film, fun move. From issue 60 of IKSURFMAG we give you the Can Can.

Next up from is a little something for all you strapless buffs. Way back we covered the duck tack, and this is a slight variation as we’ve modified the way we teach it thanks to all you lovely peeps that keep learning this stuff on clinics.

And finally it’s the spicy move with extra chillis. Adding as much mustard as possible follow us through the mouth tingling popped front indy to blind. If you want to add some Steeze to your repertoire this is a must have.

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The final clinic of 2016 was another ripper indeed. 14 more days of wind, flat water, waves, downwinds, late nights, early mornings, lie ins, sunshine, coconuts, ice cream, aggressive fish, caipis, wine, more meat, sushi, air gybes, small kites, the fireball, tacks, strapless airs, front rolls, HUGE airs, the odd crash or two, grabs, perfect pop, blind judge, mouldy bananas, manatees, riding blind, fronts to blind, help, Birthday boy, chilled beers, car pooling, donkey pooling, hand washes, kite loops, cat woman, top turns, acai, sore hands, persistence, learning, success, friends, jokes, kite-mares, adventures, the delta, 9 counts of cachaca, boat rides, stars, lifelong memories, interesting encounters, Seb the bag borrower, Pablo’s fancy dress, anger management, Dom Bosco, and all that such a trip entails. The stories we can tell. So chuffed just to share it all with you guys:)

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Pop-Grab-from-ToesidewebWe fired no. 59 off with the board behind waterstart. Saves the abs and looks cool too. Win win. Full article here:

Next up was the double back to toeside. First outing on the Switchblade Fireball combo, which has now become a solid technique favourite….

And finally in Issue 59 of IKSURFMAG it’s the toeside popped indy. No exaggeration but when you try stuff like this you realise just how good the Cabrinha Fireball is. Love it:)

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Metallicos and Metallica (la primera) BG 2016

Our annual “get together” with the wonderful Paraguayans (hopefully soon to be biennial). Guess we’d have to start with “contact”, taking the LB to another level. A picture is worth nothing without it, fact, so thanks July for coaching the group on this. This was a clinic full of the much anticipated picos, wipe outs, unbelievable moves, progress, laughs, wonderful gifts, early risers (no irony there:), aggressive fish and manteiga a techa, or as is now the way, beurre au plafond. A joyous clinic with so much happening on the water each day, including the epidemic spreading of whatever move someone nailed. Guys and girl, we miss you already. Big, huge abrazos

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Frontloop-downloop-indy-trans-webIssue 58 of IKSURFMAG homework!

First off is the blind under turn transition, this’ll surely fox a few spectators! Full article here:

Next up on is the “other” double grab. This one is a boned out tail grab rolled smoothly into a tweaked nose grab. That’s 2 cheeky grabs for the price of one this week lades and gents:)

And finally from we have a delightful transition with plenty of mustard, the front loop (or roll) downloop indy grab transition, as seen above. And seeing as we’ve had the pleasure of your company recently, this translates to frontloopdownloopindygrabtransition for the german speakers among you:)


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1Donkey Ride

The Delta…

Just like a good old fashioned school trip back in the day. It’s always a fun change of scenery, and none more so than our little spot. Flat as well packed butter and ours for the day! Nothing beats those ripe mangos, soften them then squeeze and drink. If the kiting wasn’t to die for (which of course it was) then the apres kite was the puppies privates. Awesome caipis (his secret was finely sliced lime and, wait for it, 9 counts of cachaca per glass!!!), delicious fish, Michael’s guitar renditions, and who will ever forget the boat journey back? Gliding through the mangroves, almost silently, stars above, the odd light of a fisherman’s phone waving hesitantly as we approached rapidly through the blanket of darkness. Boy oh boy, life can be so sweet… those special ones.


Hard to believe, but the planets really did align for our social secretary’s last night. For ‘Enry’s ultimate soiree we had the biggest of moons, which resulted in the most fantastic and surreal burro ride back after a day of extraordinary feats on the water. Not sure what affect the luna had, but it certainly had something on everyone – Lognus were even spotted dancing around on surfboards, Dave’s disappearing and reappearing shoe, a raucous night chez Lucas and Wellington and a whopping beach party were all witnessed by the extended flow and ebb of the tide….

 Super Heroes

It’s always funny when the pennie drops. Turns out it was just a casual case of the super heroes, yellow and green ones at that. The freakishly good performance! What else was to be expected? Ranging in skills, the Dude’s entertainment, Ania Picanha’s front loops, The Swiss Army Knife’s precision, El Gato’s glowing smile, Hot Sauce’s jumping, The Lognus strapless, Per the Pirate, Grey Hackers (combined as the great dark sliding Danes), The Superman & Woman formerly known as the Howsons (foot and all) & Henry’s Hat (not cat).

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2groupAnother absolute beauty. It’s always difficult to put into words the pleasure, conviviality and ease of cruising about, enjoying different mesmerising spots, with no concept of the clock other than day and night (and yes, OK, the video debrief), the night skies and of course feeding time. This year was a smasher, loads of wind, epic amounts of flat water, a seriously windy downwinder with excellent amounts of progress on the water. You lot were a cracking bunch, full effort on the water and full entertainment off it. Philou and his crew were fab, already looking forward to 2017 – nuff said…..


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Here you go boys and girls, our latest Strapless Quick Tip. The thoroughly enjoyable and very achievable Pop to Blind with a cheeky Ole. The flat water kiting equivalent of surfing’s backside air reverse, but considerably easiLet us know how you get on:)

Strapless Pop to Blind with Ole

Strapless Surfboard Pop to Blind with Ole, perhaps the kiting flat water equivalent to a backside air reverse, but easier:) CK Performance Quick Tip to get this nailed.
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1kat1Et Voila, Sri Lanka Week 3…
As you may well guess, some of the faces changed, but the wind, frenetic fun, great food and all-round Sri Lankan joy continued. Kat bombed on from her first week, nailing both the unhooked popped front and, yes the Raley to Blind:) Clare cracked her toeside, laid down some serious under turns and took to the skies.. Paul the pirate somehow nailed the Tack, even with only one working pin whilst improving his strapless carves and practicing his snaps, all whilst hiding the inevitable wince. Jody nailed the pop then Raley, Front Loop, grabbed her air gybes and sent the kite faster! Julia laughed a lot whilst getting into the skies for the first time with a great edge. Joe tweaked his Raleys and moved into certified S-Bends, with the odd bit of Old School thrown in for good measure, the toe side front loop download transitions also deserve a mention. Jason was getting his feet free in any way possible, board offs and one foot air gybes, was of course styling the darkslide and hammered out the unhooked raley. Jas went from upwind to toeside to jumping, darn good effort. Robster got higher, nailed some air gybes, and enjoyed some veritable back loops. When Jon wasn’t playing with Coconuts he was popping his front loops unhooked, dark sliding, one footing and also toe siding his front loops. We were looked after astonishingly well by Taranga and the team at the house, Kitekuda Camp and the amazing Mr Chomley were brilliant as ever, and we will miss Foxy way too much for yet another year:( So many reasons to go back again – bring on 2017…..

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